College Fashion Returns this School Year 2016

Back to school fashion is on. In a few months, college life begins once again and so is college fashion.

What’s great about college fashion is that you get to experiment and express yourselves a lot in the clothes that you were and the shades that you choose for your outfit.

Simplicity at its best

Some college students prefer the casual t-shirt and jeans ensemble. It’s easy to pull off and laundry is also easier especially if you are just starting out to learn the loops of independently living away from your parents.  I’m loving the latest collection of Bench at ZALORA” . Bench latest collection is just perfect for this. You can be stylish, simple and practical with the jeans and shirts currently featured by the brand.

Sleek and stylish

Some college students on the other hand prefer heels and boots over sneakers. Just be sure to check out the current dress code policy in your school to avoid getting into trouble. You can still remain stylish yet comfortable at school. Wear wedges instead of heels if you still want to look tall and lean to avoid hassles when travelling especially with public transportation. Boots on the other hand are great options especially during the rainy season. It can also double up as your adventure and trekking gears, especially for college students who loves mountaineering.

Formal and proper

Others on the other hand would rather go to school wearing formal clothes to school. This can be a blouse and shirt combo for women and polo and slacks for men. This is also a nice period to start wearing this kind of combination confidently especially if the line of work you dream of entering after college requires such.

At the end of the day, it all goes down to what you love wearing, what’s comfortable and what’s make you confident. Be your own person and enjoy college life while looking and dressing great.

5 Gift Ideas for Fashion Forward Women

Women are by nature connected with things that are charming and beautiful. They have a delicate eye for beauty, from its simplest form to the most grandeur type of visually appealing objects that surround them that’s why there are many that can be considered as fashion forward women. Some women have a keened eye when it comes to beauty. They may seem to be complicated, but in reality, their eye for beauty is more refined compared to others.

If you happen to have a friend who goes beyond the normal beauty in terms of the things she wears and do, how can you possibly provide them with an impressing or significant gift that will make a mark this coming holiday season?

ZALORA makes Christmas shopping easier this year with their very well curated gift ideas page here and for the fashion forward woman who seems to have everything, here are 5 things you could give this coming gift-giving season.

1. The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a must for every woman but for some, they can never have enough black dresses inside their closet. Worried about not finding a perfect fit for her? Get a black dress that is tight below the bust line and flows freely up to the bottom. This can be worn in parties, casual parties or even at work.

2. Clutch Bags

The fashion forward woman will always have time to party, go out and socialize. Thus, having several clutch bags to use for these occasions is a must. Another bag added to her collection will definitely be a treat for your stylish girl friend.

3. Hand Cuffs

Are you tight on the budget, but want to give something nice for your high-fashioned friend? Give her some sparkly and stunning Hand cuffs. They can wear it at work, at the office and definitely on parties.

4. Scarf

A scarf can be used when travelling to work or travelling on vacations. You can use it to cover you head, to keep you warm during the winter, or even a fashionable belt for a nice ensemble. Imagine what your fashion forward friend can do with this piece of beauty?

5. Coin Purses

Trendy coin purses can be used perfectly during lunch time while you go and enjoy a nice latte at your favorite coffee shop or while window shopping during your breaks at work. Your chic friend will definitely love to show off the trendy coin purse you’ll be giving her for Christmas.

So, there are no reason for you not to find a nice gift this Christmas. Make sure to browse Zalora Philippines for more options and choices.

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