Clio Water Kill Founwear Cushion Review

This post has been long overdue and honestly, I have already finished the first cushion and I am already using the extra cushion that comes along with the box. I think it is just proper to publish my review before I run out of stock. Being a korean drama addicts, i have learned about their best beauty secrets of korean celebrities and even though I cannot practice them all, i have a better view on what is good for your skin.

Since the hype of korean cushions, many korean brands and manufacturers are releasing their own version of cushion and I have learned about this product since my fave korean actress Gong Hyo Jin is their newest endorser after Sandara Park or Dara   I have watched a majority of drama of Hyon Jin and i have seen her using this product in most of her drama so the curiosity grows a lot inside me.

This brand is not easy to find in our place and yes, there is still no local beauty shops that carry this brand but if you are a follower of korean skincare and makeup cult, you probably have heard about it and been wanting to have one.  There are several reviews of their cushion but not this particular version.

EDITED Update:  Club Clio can now be found in the Philippines.  Their flagship store can be found at Trinoma, Quezon city,.  I do hope they will soon have a store near the Malate area. 

The Clio Professional Water Kill Founwear Cushion is easy to use just like the other cushion brand in the market, it has a air puff and a protective covering before it reveals the bb cream itself but unlike with the other cushion I have used, the air puff  does not last for long.

They have four shades to choose from, Lingerie, Linen, and Ginger .  I have tried the ginger based on my seller suggestion since I have been using no. 23 on other cushions. It’s a more of foundation and bb cream in one and it does not oxide into your skin which means it will last long, which I have hope for.

Looking at this, you may get the feeling that it was near my skin tone but when I applied it on my face, it was really way more lighter than my original skin color which is a little bit distracting at first. I thought it must just be the lighting or the angle where i took the shot but my daughter told me that my face is really whiter than my usual color but you cannot deny the fact  that it has a good coverage since it covers the dark areas in my face especially my dark under eye.

I guess you need to put little amount at first until such time you know the right build up to put on your face. The second time i used the cushion, the result is no longer as whiter as this.


This cushion is good for people with normal and combination skin but not too dry nor to oily since it has a dewy finish, it’s good to use a good face powder to set the look. The refill has its own spare sponge which I think is their solution with previous review that the old version has no sponge on it.  It has a nice packaging and sturdy compact, my son accidentally played with it and it fell but unexpectedly it does not broke that easily. It has no distinct smell and it stays for a long period of time, (like five to six hours) for my part. Since, I have oily skin, it tend to look a little bit shiny that’s why the need for a good powder to fix the problem.

You can buy this on online store but I got mine through a trusted seller in facebook, if you want to know more about her, just leave a message and I will add you on her group where she sell lots of korean skin care and cosmetics that you will truly love.  Checked this out from and it cost $50.00.  A little bit pricey but one cushion last for a month for me and I have used it daily except weekends.

A Love for Jewels

Thinking about it, every woman loves to have beautiful pieces of jewelries in their collection.  Every accessories is not just pretty but definitely worth keeping.  Gold and Platinum jewelries or even precious stones like diamond and pearls can be a good investment since their value doesn’t go down but will eventually go up in time especially when they become vintage.  

If you can’t afford to buy real or authentic jewelries,  you can always opt to go on fancy accessories or those with less value like precious stones. Some stones are  for welding supplies and undergone a series of process before it become a beautiful pieces. 

Having some pieces of accessories in your closet is good because you never knew when you will be needing them and of course adding them to your fashion ensemble could make your overall look more trendy and chic.

Lazy Days be gone

For weeks, I have been having lazy days blogging for different reasons.  I’m just too occupied doing some stuff that I rather stare in the computer than click those keyboard.  Many thoughts have been lingering in my mind and I was wondering if blogging is still profitable since the fact that it’s part of my bread and butter.

Before, blogging is just a past time but as years goes by, it become an additional source of my income.  Although, what i earned here could not sustain a family, it is just enough to pay for different house dues so I just hope that things will be better for the next months or else, I really have to find another way rather than waiting for something that would not be coming.

On the other side, I’m just happy that my kids are doing fine and healthy.  As a mother, it’s our main priority to see them living a good life.

Recently, we treat them in a day of fun time in a play area inside the mall.  We left them there with their yaya while hubby and I goes window shopping.   It was a nice day , the kids really enjoy and hubby and I had a great talk while drinking some coffee.  Now, it makes me think it’s best to  visit Fedelta for Restaurant POS . Hopefully things will get better and I pray that everything will be fine.

Hawk Experience – A proud Filipino traveler

Hawk bags stands the test of time.  Known for it’s durability and affordability,no wonder it was well loved by Filipino traveler and we are just among the thousands of people who trusted Hawk for all these years.  I remember my first rubber shoes, my first back pack, I remember saving my allowances just to buy them. One of the things me and my hubby had in common, is that our trust with Hawk products. Years after and having our own family we still trusted Hawk bag on our every travel.

Caramoan Island

We trusted Hawk bags because of it’s durability, sturdy material that can withstand the sunny heat or rain. My husband wold always prefer having his Hawk bag when we had our travel instead of luggage that are hard to carry and can accommodate little things.  With just one bag, we can bring all our children’s things and needs without bringing any extra bags.  We bought this bag in 2002 when we are just a fresh couple and it has been our frequent companion in all our travels for ten years.  It will always be a part of our beautiful memories and a wonderful  journey we had together.

cagsawa ruins, albay

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