An overnight escapade at Golden Phoenix Manila

It’s very rare that I get the chance to go to Manila for pleasure. Most of the time, it’s work related and i would always wanted to go back home to see my kids. Here’s my review about my stay at Golden Phoenix Manila.

But last May was different, I got a chance to enjoy a few days off from my busy life and meet my long online friends.  Yes, after years of online communication, we finally got the chance to meet each other and that would be a very rare occasion that we can get together since one of them is from the US and the other is from Palawan.

Since, our meeting place would be at SM MOA, it gave me an idea to find a  place near MOA but since it’s a commercial area, I know the hotels nearby would be so expensive. Good thing, i got a discounted gc from a fellow blogger.

I’m such in a hurry when i checked in at the Golden Phoenix Hotel but it was smooth, all you need to do is to present one identification card and make a deposit. (the deposit can be cash or card but it’s refundable upon checking out)

I could not get a decent picture of the lobby because there are so many guests at that time. I have overheard that they have more than 500 guests coming, I guess they came from Iloilo since they are wearing a local government shirt.

The place looks cozy but for some security purpose as they say, you have to ride an elevator and walk for a while to ride another elevator to get to your room. It is perhaps of the fact that the building was built as a condominium style but the bellboys are polite and very accommodating.

                                                                       although the room rates is a little bit high but it does exceed my expectation

Since, i am a hurry that day to meet another friend, I was not able to inspect the room more properly but when I get back at around midnight, it was my chance to take pictures and scrutinize the place more longer.

The room is spacious and good for a couple. (I am supposed to get a deluxe twin room, like the one I saw in some bloggers review) but I guess it was fully occupied, so the staff asked me if I would just want a deluxe king room) which of course I readily agreed since it would be too lonely to sleep on a room with two beds.

The first thing I notice about the room is the simple yet very elegant set up.  The bed is made with chiropractor -approved mattresses and upon researching about this bed, i found out that chiropractic beds  is a sleep system which is created to put your body in correct postural alignment to give you a better and healthier night’s sleep and indeed, I really have a very good sleep, I get the chance to even dream of my kids.

the safe

The buffet set up comes with different breakfast choices but I opted to eat the vegetables salad since I am preparing my stomach for a full meal lunch ahead since just I have mentioned, I am meeting my friends.

diet (hehehe)

The swimming pool is located at 7th floor but I could not get a nice pic of it because it was occupied by many males at that time, it was too awkward to take pictures of the pool with them on their swimming trunks, they may even get the impression that I’m after them.

I’m posting this map for you to know the exact location.  I went there with a taxi and ooh boy, we have to asked twice for direction.

(grabbed from Golden Phoenix Hotel)

I have read that it’s 5 to 10 minutes away from SM Moa.  Because of that, I thought of walking but OMG, my feet got really tired walking on the SM’s very long sky walk. I was laughing inside and at by the time I arrive at Starbucks where I would meet my friend, I am already dying of hunger. Yes it’s around 5 to 10 minutes but that is if your in vehicle.  So, never try to walk in going to SM MOA.  (LOL with evil grin)  

don’t ever venture to walk, unless you want to burn fats. Ha ha ha.

So, I know you are eager to learn about the price, for an overnight stay with buffet breakfast and amenities. (good for 2 persons)

my view at night

Deluxe King & Deluxe Twin is priced at Php. 9,250

Suite – 15,850

but I will suggest that you booked via some online booking since they offer discounts and of course book in advance.

Will I come back?

I guess, it’s a good and decent hotel for a relaxing overnight stay for you and your family.  I would come back for sure since it has a very strategic location and the bed is so relaxing.

Disclosure:  This is not a paid review.  I paid for my own stay 🙂 

Prime Suite Daet – hotel review and how to get there


Prime Suite Hotel is just minutes away from the Daet Centro and very near the Central Plaza Mall which i think is the largest mall in the city.


Although, I have been more than ten years in Camarines Sur and it’s just almost 3 hours away from Daet, i have never gone to this place before.  So, I was very excited to see what Daet stores for new traveler like me so we immediately browse the net to find hotels that can accommodate us for the night.  We want it affordable yet descent enough and will give us a good night sleep after a long hectic day.

Too bad that only few hotels are featured in the internet and some have no reviews or incomplete data but the good thing is I can make a call without spending long distance call to inquire about hotel price and location.

I chanced upon to learned about Prime Suite on their facebook page although the details are incomplete and no reviews can be found on the net so far. So, I am hoping that this one can give a good insight on their hotel and services.  Although Prime Suite is not that big, they do have several rooms from Deluxe to Executive Suite which range to a very affordable Php. 700.00 (approximately $15) per night to Php. 2,000.00 ($50.00) which I think is affordable compared to big hotels here in Naga City.

The suite looks small in the outside but it’s spacious in the inside since there’s an expansion on the back.  The lobby and dining area boasts a beautiful design and fixtures like tables that made of Narra. Hubby and I decided to get the Superior Room which is good for 2 persons. It has a queen size bed (which you can check on the picture above).  It’s an air condition room with LED TV.

Although, the bathroom is not grand, it has a hot and cold water which is enough to have a soothing bath after a long day of travelling and what’s even nice is a closet that you can hang your clothes so as not to further wrinkle it.

Your stay includes a complimentary breakfast (for one visitor) so you need to order another one. And lastly, which I think is very important for many. YES they have WIFI and it’s free for hotel guests, you just need to ask the front desk of the password.

How to get there:

That’s the usual info that every traveler needed. Prime Suite Daet is located at Vinzons Ave, 4600 Daet, Camarines Norte, minutes away from Central Plaza Mall and some dining places in the city.

From Land: From Manila, you can ride a bus going to Daet.  (approximate travel – 8 hours) (prices differs on every bus)

From Air:  Since Daet airport is no longer functional, you can ride a plane going to Pili Airport (known as Naga Airport) and then ride a van from Naga City Terminal going to Daet.   (approximate travel – 2 to 3 hours)

You will get down on Daet Terminal and ride a tricycle going to the hotel. Fare is Php. 8.00 only for one person.

Visit their Facebook page to learn more and how you can book a stay.

The Oriental Legazpi – A refreshing treat for every nature lover

Set on top of the Taysan Hill over looking the majestic beauty of Mayon Volcano and thousand of trees around your view.  The Oriental Legapzi formerly the Mayon Imperial Hotel is exquisitely and elegantly designed to provide a homey , elegant and soothing ambiance for every guest and traveler.

The Oriental Legazpi is one of the growing hotels and resorts of LKY Groups that aims to provide a world of unparalleled bliss, serenity and contentment.

I am very happy to have this opportunity to personally experience the beauty of Mayon.  Living in Naga City gives me the opportunity to see the beauty of nature and enjoy the mountain side.  But even though Legazpi was a two hour ride from our city, i never had the chance to see the famous Mayon Volcano on a near view.

The place was so captivating and the view of Mt. Mayon is so spectacular but the rooms are also clean and great too. Our room has a two twin beds which is cozy.  The room has a led tv and the usual complimentary coffee. The WIFI is fast enough that you can still be updated on the news and social media.

The bathroom is big enough and clean. It has hot and cold but no bathtub.

 I was thrilled to learn that a new world class quality hotel in Legazpi is having a facebook contest.  I didn’t win the grand prize but i do win an overnight accommodation for two with breakfast and a complimentary spa. (Thanks to my facebook friends for the love and support )

I thought it was a perfect timing for us to have even at least a one day vacation after the stress and tired days with office and house work and the on-going small renovation of our house.  It was also a chance to finally see up close Mayon Volcano and to send postcards to my fellow postcard enthusiasts.

Just as the website says, Oriental Legazpi is indeed a place of style and elegance.  Funny it may seem but It is indeed my first time to stay on a hotel with a nature ambiance like this. My father worked for more than twenty years on five star hotel and he used to bring me there and I always had this memory of awed.

But with The Oriental Legazpi, I didn’t have the feeling of being out of place, it is perhaps of the fact that their hotel personnel is very courteous and accommodating. With the breathtaking view of Mayon on the background, their infinity pool is truly one of it’s kind with the breathtaking view of Mt. Mayon.

 Designed to provide comfort and relaxation. The Spa in Oriental Legazpi has different services designed for individual and couple alike.  Having highly personalized and supremely pampering services: from specialty treatments (Mayon volcanic stone treatment) to traditional massage (Swedish, Shiatsu, Oriental Therapeutic combo, Royal Four Hands), hand, foot and face treatments.

Each spa services has additional 10 minutes welcome foot bath and a a drink of refreshing lemon grass tea which is indeed relaxing on my tired body after our city tour.

How to get there:

If your travelling from a place coming from Manila, the Hotel offers airport transfer and bus transfer.

You can reach Legazpi City via 55 minute airplane ride and 12 hours ride from bus coming from Cubao Station.  Although, if your coming on a side trip from Camarines Sur especially from Naga City, you can ride the van from the Naga City Van Terminal bound to Legazpi or Daraga.

Just a little caution and you should be fully aware of, tricycle drivers in Legazpi City especially if they know your not a local, would charge you double to triple fare.  My office-mate already warned me about this but I guess, i did not have the chance to bargain for the fare price.  (Could you imagine that the driver billed us Php. 100.00 from Estevez Memorial Center up to the hotel, you could see how near it was on the map below)  Well, a good suggestions is to ask local resident on how much would be the fare and the location where you could ride if you want to tour the city.

 Aside from a very tiring walk around the city (just imagine carrying my baby all the time) we indeed have an interesting and memorable vacation and of course a relaxing place to sleep after roaming the city. Truly an experience worth keeping.

Learn more about The Oriental Legazpi on my other post or visit their website for more information.


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