Best Beauty Secrets of Korean Celebrities

Koreans are considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world. One of the most noticeable trait that adds to their beauty is their flawless skin and their slender built. Also, they do not seem to age which is most evident among Korean actresses and celebrities. Famous Korean actors and actresses manages to look like what they look a decade ago, which even makes people more intrigued and fascinated with their beauty.  So, what’s the secret? Here are some of their best beauty secrets of korean celebrities.

Intense Skin Care

Koreans take good care of their skin right from childhood. Men and women alike treat their skin as one of their most important investment in life. They treat skin care as a serious business. Clearing their face from make-up is just a phase in their beauty regimen. They make sure that their face and skin is properly cleaned, toned and moisturized. Keeping away from the harmful rays of the sun is also a must. Sleeping masks, primers and moisturizers that are tried and tested to the type of skin that they have, applied on a daily-basis is what keeps their skin glowing and looking young. Soon, i am going to review some korean skincare I have been regularly using day and night to achieve that korean glow. 

Wearing Falsies

Fake eyelashes are one of the things that Korean actresses can’t live without. This type of eyelash is usually those with natural finish, just enough to open-up your eyes while projecting that flawless no make-up look. This is also one of the reasons why most Korean celebrities have that endearing eye-popping look whenever they have their close-up in TV series as well as music videos. Tapping eye cream around the eye area is also a discipline that they practice to prevent dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles around their eyes.

Choosing the right shade of lipstick

Most Korean celebrities apply light pink or coral toned lipsticks to maintained that natural look. These softer shades with shiny finishes gives that girl-net-door vibe that we all love about Korean celebrities.

Eating right

The general rule in skin care is that you are what you eat. The Korean diet is mostly fruits, tea, seafood and loaded with vitamin C and beta carotene, nutrients that are very good to the skin. Fermented wine, another staple in the Korean diet is rich with minerals and amino aides that helps preserve and brighten their skin.

If you would want to achieve that flawless, young-looking Korean skin, having the discipline, dedication and consistency in taking care of your skin and body is a must. Eating healthy foods is also necessary.

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