Be Stylish without Breaking the Bank!

If you love, love, love fashion but your checking account is screaming at you to stop shopping, you may be ready for a new style strategy. Saving money doesn’t mean you have to forego style; instead learn to forego impulse buying and you’ll find you can afford many more new outfits than when you just buy what you like the first time you see it! Be stylish without breaking the bank. Here’s a secret strategy for filling your closet without breaking your bank account:

Choose your favorites as soon as the new fashions hit the stores. Note the brand, size, and color you love but don’t buy the outfits.

Check the store’s website and save your future outfits so you know where you found them, but don’t buy the outfits!

Compare prices on the same clothing at other major retailers. Usually top designer stores such as carry the same styles and brands, so you should be able the find your favorites at several other stores.

Download an app such as Groupon and check the stores on the site. Thousands of retailers use the app for advertising, and your stores are most likely among them. Don’t buy yet, though!

Now it’s time to play the waiting game. Mark your calendar, and check the websites every week or two. When your favorite outfits hit the clearance section you’ll be tempted to buy right away, but if you wait a bit longer you’ll realize even bigger savings!

When your outfits hit a price range that’s too good to be true, wait just a bit longer. Check the other stores you’ve bookmarked as carrying the outfits, and then check your Groupon app to find the best price ever. Since some stores feature up to 70 percent off the marked clearance price you’ll most likely have to do a bit of math to find the winning low price!

Download your coupon or discount code to your phone, and add it to your internet shopping cart when you purchase your new wardrobe. If you’re shopping in-store, give the code or coupon to the cashier.

That’s it! You’ve just saved a bundle on your latest fashions!

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