Disclosure Statement

In compliance with new FTC regulations, I am disclosing that from time to time I accept different products related to my site from brands  for review. Acceptance of a product does not guarantee that I will write a favorable review . Whenever I review a product that was sent and given to me , I will disclose it in the review.

I do not accept any compensation from brands other than review products and products for give-aways to readers of this blog.  If there is any compensation, i would disclose it otherwise.

Review Policy

The primary focus of My Stylish Obsession is to share with my readers different products that can help you live a more comfortable and fashionable life. My opinions are mine alone and may differ from those of others.

Acceptance of review does not mean that i will make a positive review but as much as possible I would love to do one but if the case maybe i would definitely say my reaction and let my readers know about it.

Most importantly, I always put my readers first, and frequently turn down sponsored content opportunities I don’t think is  fit for my audience.

The Use of Affiliate Links and 3rd Party Ads

Some of the content contains affiliate links, from which I earn a percentage of any sale generated through the links as commission.

Affiliate links are only personally identifiable to the merchants whom you choose to do business with. In these circumstances, we are never given access to your identity or personal information. The merchant tracks transactions and pays us through third party affiliate networks.

I definitely screen merchants carefully and only promote offers which I believe are honest products and services that are related on the aim of this site and my  readers would be interested in.

I never provide false or misleading information to our site visitors.Third party ads do run on this site as well. While I do not have complete control over the ads shown, in the event that one is shown that we do not approve of, it will be removed if possible.

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