Color Correcting Concealer : NYX Concealers Review

I have heard many MUA and make up lovers talked about their favorite color correcting concealer and they actually featured different brands on the process of creating their everyday look . Honestly, i have no idea that concealers have different colors and different purposes as well.  One product that caught my attention is this NYX concealers.

This jar concealer only cost $5 and promise to hide your blemishes, dark circles, red and dark pigmentation too. For someone who have been battling acne for years, hiding them for a while is just too good an option. I have tried different concealer before but it’s just too sad that i was not able to find that works best on my face.


There are many different color correcting concealers. This time, let us talk about my experience with the green and yellow concealers from NYX.

Green concealers actually works to hide red blemishes on your face. It reduce redness and gives an even toned base before applying your foundation.

green nyx concealer

The yellow concealers helps hide eye dark circles and can be used as an eye shadow primer.  Since my eyes are a little too dark spending sleepless nights. I believe this yellow concealer will do some trick or better yet magic on my eyes.

yellow nxy concealer

The neutral shade of concealers covers imperfections and other blemishes on your face. This NYX HD concealer are in medium shade.

neutral concealer

Tried it on my hand and looks like the color would blend well in my face.


So, does it works? You be the judge!  I have seen that there are less redness on my face and yes some of the pigmentation and dark spots has been covered but i guess I need some precision and learn more skills to do it.

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