An overnight escapade at Golden Phoenix Manila

It’s very rare that I get the chance to go to Manila for pleasure. Most of the time, it’s work related and i would always wanted to go back home to see my kids. Here’s my review about my stay at Golden Phoenix Manila.

But last May was different, I got a chance to enjoy a few days off from my busy life and meet my long online friends.  Yes, after years of online communication, we finally got the chance to meet each other and that would be a very rare occasion that we can get together since one of them is from the US and the other is from Palawan.

Since, our meeting place would be at SM MOA, it gave me an idea to find a  place near MOA but since it’s a commercial area, I know the hotels nearby would be so expensive. Good thing, i got a discounted gc from a fellow blogger.

I’m such in a hurry when i checked in at the Golden Phoenix Hotel but it was smooth, all you need to do is to present one identification card and make a deposit. (the deposit can be cash or card but it’s refundable upon checking out)

I could not get a decent picture of the lobby because there are so many guests at that time. I have overheard that they have more than 500 guests coming, I guess they came from Iloilo since they are wearing a local government shirt.

The place looks cozy but for some security purpose as they say, you have to ride an elevator and walk for a while to ride another elevator to get to your room. It is perhaps of the fact that the building was built as a condominium style but the bellboys are polite and very accommodating.

                                                                       although the room rates is a little bit high but it does exceed my expectation

Since, i am a hurry that day to meet another friend, I was not able to inspect the room more properly but when I get back at around midnight, it was my chance to take pictures and scrutinize the place more longer.

The room is spacious and good for a couple. (I am supposed to get a deluxe twin room, like the one I saw in some bloggers review) but I guess it was fully occupied, so the staff asked me if I would just want a deluxe king room) which of course I readily agreed since it would be too lonely to sleep on a room with two beds.

The first thing I notice about the room is the simple yet very elegant set up.  The bed is made with chiropractor -approved mattresses and upon researching about this bed, i found out that chiropractic beds  is a sleep system which is created to put your body in correct postural alignment to give you a better and healthier night’s sleep and indeed, I really have a very good sleep, I get the chance to even dream of my kids.

the safe

The buffet set up comes with different breakfast choices but I opted to eat the vegetables salad since I am preparing my stomach for a full meal lunch ahead since just I have mentioned, I am meeting my friends.

diet (hehehe)

The swimming pool is located at 7th floor but I could not get a nice pic of it because it was occupied by many males at that time, it was too awkward to take pictures of the pool with them on their swimming trunks, they may even get the impression that I’m after them.

I’m posting this map for you to know the exact location.  I went there with a taxi and ooh boy, we have to asked twice for direction.

(grabbed from Golden Phoenix Hotel)

I have read that it’s 5 to 10 minutes away from SM Moa.  Because of that, I thought of walking but OMG, my feet got really tired walking on the SM’s very long sky walk. I was laughing inside and at by the time I arrive at Starbucks where I would meet my friend, I am already dying of hunger. Yes it’s around 5 to 10 minutes but that is if your in vehicle.  So, never try to walk in going to SM MOA.  (LOL with evil grin)  

don’t ever venture to walk, unless you want to burn fats. Ha ha ha.

So, I know you are eager to learn about the price, for an overnight stay with buffet breakfast and amenities. (good for 2 persons)

my view at night

Deluxe King & Deluxe Twin is priced at Php. 9,250

Suite – 15,850

but I will suggest that you booked via some online booking since they offer discounts and of course book in advance.

Will I come back?

I guess, it’s a good and decent hotel for a relaxing overnight stay for you and your family.  I would come back for sure since it has a very strategic location and the bed is so relaxing.

Disclosure:  This is not a paid review.  I paid for my own stay 🙂 

Bagasbas Light House Resort and Catherine’s at Daet

bagasbas light house

Here’s  part II of my Daet Escapade. This time, let me introduce you Catherine’s Restaurant which you can found on the famous Bagasbas Light House.  If you happen to travel to Daet, Bagasbas Beach is one of their famous travel destination especially those who love to surf because the waves here are to die for. Yes, gigantic waves that surfers loves best but don’t try death defying stunts especially if your only a beginner.

bagasbas, daet

Don’t let your eyes deceive you.  It looks calming but there are days that the waves is too big to handle.

bagasbas light house hotel

Bagasbas Light House offers accommodation from backpackers room to deluxe room raging from Php. 550.00 ($15) to Php. 2,750.00 ($27) per night which is reasonable enough.

catherines daet

Getting back to Catherine’s, the restaurant serves different Filipino dishes and the serving is good and reasonable for its price. They also  offer fresh seafood and fishes caught from the sea.

catherines daet

I did not asked for their specialty but you can choose from different dishes on their menu.  We tried this one which I think is a santol dish cooked in coconut milk, a typical Bicol dish you can found in the province but their version is really yummy.


I know, we are supposed to try their sea food dishes but i have been having allergy with sea food lately.

foods, lots of foods

Walking around will lead you to the hotel rooms and souvenir shops which offers different local souvenir items and pieces that you can take home to remember your stay on this place.

bagasbas light house

The place is so cozy that you will definitely enjoy a relaxing view of nature and yes, there is a playground too for the little ones and young at heart.


You can check more about Bagasbas Light House and Catherine’s Restaurant here.

Prime Suite Daet – hotel review and how to get there


Prime Suite Hotel is just minutes away from the Daet Centro and very near the Central Plaza Mall which i think is the largest mall in the city.


Although, I have been more than ten years in Camarines Sur and it’s just almost 3 hours away from Daet, i have never gone to this place before.  So, I was very excited to see what Daet stores for new traveler like me so we immediately browse the net to find hotels that can accommodate us for the night.  We want it affordable yet descent enough and will give us a good night sleep after a long hectic day.

Too bad that only few hotels are featured in the internet and some have no reviews or incomplete data but the good thing is I can make a call without spending long distance call to inquire about hotel price and location.

I chanced upon to learned about Prime Suite on their facebook page although the details are incomplete and no reviews can be found on the net so far. So, I am hoping that this one can give a good insight on their hotel and services.  Although Prime Suite is not that big, they do have several rooms from Deluxe to Executive Suite which range to a very affordable Php. 700.00 (approximately $15) per night to Php. 2,000.00 ($50.00) which I think is affordable compared to big hotels here in Naga City.

The suite looks small in the outside but it’s spacious in the inside since there’s an expansion on the back.  The lobby and dining area boasts a beautiful design and fixtures like tables that made of Narra. Hubby and I decided to get the Superior Room which is good for 2 persons. It has a queen size bed (which you can check on the picture above).  It’s an air condition room with LED TV.

Although, the bathroom is not grand, it has a hot and cold water which is enough to have a soothing bath after a long day of travelling and what’s even nice is a closet that you can hang your clothes so as not to further wrinkle it.

Your stay includes a complimentary breakfast (for one visitor) so you need to order another one. And lastly, which I think is very important for many. YES they have WIFI and it’s free for hotel guests, you just need to ask the front desk of the password.

How to get there:

That’s the usual info that every traveler needed. Prime Suite Daet is located at Vinzons Ave, 4600 Daet, Camarines Norte, minutes away from Central Plaza Mall and some dining places in the city.

From Land: From Manila, you can ride a bus going to Daet.  (approximate travel – 8 hours) (prices differs on every bus)

From Air:  Since Daet airport is no longer functional, you can ride a plane going to Pili Airport (known as Naga Airport) and then ride a van from Naga City Terminal going to Daet.   (approximate travel – 2 to 3 hours)

You will get down on Daet Terminal and ride a tricycle going to the hotel. Fare is Php. 8.00 only for one person.

Visit their Facebook page to learn more and how you can book a stay.

Three Things to Consider When Moving to a New State

Moving into a new home is one of the most stressful moments in your life, and that move can be even more stressful when you move to a new state. Even moving to a neighboring state can leave you feeling so frustrated and just plain annoyed that you want to give up and forget all about it. While you may move everything yourself, you can also hire professional movers who move most or all of your belongings for you. That lets you take a step back and focus on what you really need to consider during your move.

Turning On Utilities

After moving, you probably look forward to settling into your new home and enjoying a good night’s sleep. If you forget about your utilities, you can forget about getting any sleep. Many companies now require that new customers set up accounts and pay a deposit before turning on power to your home. Not only do you need to worry about having electricity in your new home, but you’ll also need to think about water, gas and even cable and Internet. Take the time to contact each provider before you move and make arrangements to have all the utilities turned on when you arrive.

Shipping Your Vehicles

Depending on how far away you move, you may need to think about getting your vehicles to your new home. It isn’t as easy as calling your moving company and requesting this service either. Many professional movers lack the trucks needed to move cars and trucks. If you need to move one or more cars to a neighboring state or a state all the way across the country, contact an auto transport service. These companies can make sure that your car gets there before you do and that your car arrives in perfect condition.

Arranging for Food

After a long move, you probably won’t want to run into the kitchen and cook for your family. That is why you should make arrangements for food before you arrive. Head online to look for restaurants in your new city that deliver. You can bookmark the websites for those restaurants and add those numbers to your phone to call once you get to your new home. Moving to a new state is easier when you make arrangements for food, shipping your car and turning on the utilities before you get there.

Tips for loading a horse onto a trailer

A horse trailer which is also known as a horse float or a horse van is used to comfortably transport the horses from one place to another. If you have been into this work for long then you might be well aware about this trailer and its use but if you are new then there are many things that you need to learn. First of all knowing your trailer well is very important. Though there are many types of these trailers available in the market but Horse Trailers with living quarters is considered to be among the best choice as it not only ensures comfortable stray for your horses but for you as well. Another important thing in this profile of work is loading of the horses safely onto the trailer. Though some of the good horses may not give you trouble while getting into the trailer but there may be a bunch of stubborn ones who might get you on your toes to make them move onto the trailers. Below given are some tips and steps to help you to get your horses onto your trailer quickly and easily.

image :

1. Place your trailer at a quiet place: The very first and the most important thing to make your horses move comfortably onto a trailer is to park your vehicle at a quiet and a calm place. A noisy place will make your horses nervous, will distract them and thus make the task of moving a difficult one.

2. Check for any injury: Before loading your horses onto a trailer check your horses thoroughly that they do not have any injury or suffer from any other problem. An injured horse will not be difficult to move but will also pose problem on the way.

3. Move the horse in the front part of the trailer: While starting to move the horse onto the trailer keep it in front of the vehicle. While moving the horse walk beside them so that they are in one of the barrier and you in the other one.

4. Make your horse feel comfortable and calm: It is very important to keep your horses calm and comfortable while moving them and while they are in the trailer. Thus you should keep talking to your horses when they are moving and once they reach the trailer slowly move to the back in order to close the tail bar.

5. Train your horses for the trailer: Since moving to a trailer and travelling in it is a new thing for your horses, thus it is very important to train them for the vehicle before you start the journey. Seeing the trailer for the first time and getting into it may make the horses hyper and uncomfortable. Thus initially you can keep the trailer for some time in the pasture so that horses get used to see them. Next train them to feed inside the trailer and you can put the food inside so that horses can go in and come out on their own. In this manner you will make your horses adapt the trailer which will make it easy for you to move them and travel in a trailer.

8 Tips for Choosing a Boat Lift

If you’re in the market for a boat lift, it can be difficult choosing between the hundreds if not thousands of options out there. Here are just eight tips to help you narrow down your choice.

1. Examine the Water
Your home port will make a big difference in the kind of lift that’s right for your watercraft. For example, if you live in a cold, snowy place, you’ll want a free-standing lift that won’t be affected by ice in the wintertime.

2. Know Your Specs
Write down the exact dimensions of your boat. Use these numbers to find a lift suitable for its length, width, girth and weight. If you aren’t quite sure of your measurements, remember that it’s better to go too big than too small.

3. Consider the Cradle
Some boat owners splurge for a custom-made cradle that fits their watercraft exactly. Others prefer the adjustable kind that can be fitted to new boats in the future. It’s all up to you.

4. Think About Material Type
Tying back into the kind of water in your docks, you should think carefully about galvanized versus stainless steel components. The latter will protect your boat from salt water, but the former is a lot less expensive.

5. Decide Between Manual and Electric
Electric winches are convenient, but they also require a certain level of upkeep, so they might not be the best option for you if you only get on the water a few times a season. On the other hand, manual spinners require more power, so that’s something to ponder.

6. Ask for a Warranty
Never buy a boat lift without getting some kind of promise about its functionality. You’ll want a policy that covers the motor for at least a year and the lift itself for at least five years.

7. Watch the Pulleys
Pulleys take a hard beating every time you use your boat lift. Look specifically for ball-bearing pulleys that will reduce some of the friction on them and ensure that they’ll be around for a long, long time.

8. Have a Budget
Last but not least, make sure you can afford your new boat lift in the long-term. You should consider not only their listed price but also the price of future maintenance.

If you’re in the market for watercraft lifts, these are just eight tips that can help you make a smarter purchase decision. Good luck!

5 Outdoor Activities At Beavers Bend State Park

The fast pace of modern urban life is known to wear you down. From time to time it is healthy to get out in nature and leave behind traffic noise, cell phones, work, and running errands. Regular exposure to natural settings is even known to contribute to your well-being.

The many outdoor activities available to visitors of the Beavers Bend State Park area present great recreational opportunities. This park located in southeastern Oklahoma offers you a wilderness haven of mountains, forests, and clear waters.

Hiking Trails

A day walking and absorbing the serenity and beauty of nature can soothe the spirit. Many trails wind through the Kiamichi Mountains, and trail maps are available. It is important to take water and snacks when hiking.


The trout-stocked Lower Mountain Fork River attracts fly fishers. You can put on a pair of waders and forget about your troubles. Other fish species populate the many streams feeding Broken Bow Lake, including walleye, bass, catfish, and crappie. A fishing license is needed.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Several rental companies with canoes or kayaks service the lake area and the Lower Mountain Fork River. This popular activity lets you experience quiet clean waters close up. Wearing life vests is recommended for water safety.

Overnight Stays

Whether you just need a weekend getaway or a long vacation many rental homes accommodate visitors throughout the year. Broken Bow cabins is just one place you can stay and enjoy the natural surroundings. Renting cabins or camping allows you to relax amid hardwood and pine forests and have easy access to the rivers and lake. Getting reservations ahead of time for vacation rentals in popular destinations will be necessary in peak seasons.

Horse Back Riding

Horse back riding is permitted in over half a million acres within the Ouachita National Forest and the Three Rivers Wildlife Management area. If you’ve never tried to get on a horse before, a short two-and-half-mile trail is advertised for beginners and kids at the Beavers Bend Depot in the state park.

The Beavers Bend State Park and surrounding areas offer many ways for you to explore the outdoors and relax. The area’s attractions are devoted to helping people slow down and have fun.

Tasty Thoughts

Those who believe that bicolano food are hot can say that indeed some of them are too hot to eat but it’s delicious and those who tasted them could agree with me that there is something in their dishes that will want you to have more.  Each dishes differs but mind you, you don’t need to buy fire proof printed table throw to feel the tingly feeling while having them, the unique taste of each dishes can bring you wanting for water especially if your taste bud could not bear too hot foods.

But it doesn’t mean that since bicolano foods are hot and spicy, you will just be torturing yourself when eating one.  Some of them even with a certain degree of hotness is so tempting to taste and would definitely satisfy one palette.

You could start with a tasty thoughts and try them and you will definitely ask for more.

Let’s go to Dreamland

Lately, i wasn’t able to do much on blogging.  It is perhaps i’m too tired or i’m too lazy to write.  Although there are many thoughts and ideas pouring on my head, i don’t have the strength to write them down.  Even the business card printing service that I have talked to lately was still at the back of my bucket lists, so i end up not having the time to finalize them yet.

As a blogger, you need to interact well to become a social influencer and  yet how can i influence someone when I myself could not do the things that I needed to do.

There are many things that are in my priority lists and hopefully I can able to pursue them this month or else another month will be wasted.  But for now, i am too sleepy to think and I think i will go to dreamland and perhaps there, i can finish all this tasks.

Convenient Park and Fly Options

Finding a parking spot for a car at an airport has never been easier. Modern technology and great planning have created very efficient parking systems at some of the world’s busiest airports. It is only logical that short term parking lots are located within walking distance from the terminal buildings. Some large airports actually have moving walkways and pedestrian bridges that connect short term parking lots with large multi-level terminal buildings. Hourly rates are usually applied at parking spaces that are designated as being short term only.

Long term parking spaces are designed to prevent clogging up important ground space right near the terminal buildings. Therefore, such parking lots are located relatively far away from the terminals. Shuttle buses are used to transport passengers between the terminal facilities and long term parking areas. Such lots also have much larger capacities than short term spaces. For example, people that go on vacation usually leave their vehicle for a week or even longer at long term lots. These parking spaces are also much more affordable than short term parking rates. Expresso Oakland Airport Parking is an example of an airport that uses modern parking solutions for passengers.

There are also parking lots that are designated for cell phone use at airport grounds. Such lots are relatively small and designed to be used for a matter of minutes and not hours. Cell phones interfere with the communications of control towers and therefore people must talk far away from the terminal buildings.

Modern parking solutions at airports include garages that have multiple levels. Such garages provide cover against weather elements such as the sun or precipitation. Additionally, parking garages also have great video surveillance and physical patrol. CCTV cameras capture 24 hour footage of everything that goes on inside parking garages. Additionally, the garages may offer insurance against certain damages that involve vandalism and even theft.

By law, all airports must have parking spaces that are reserved for handicapped drivers. Such spaces are marked with signs as well as paint on the concrete. Drivers without the proper handicapped placards can be towed when parking at spots designated only for disabled individuals. Some parking lots at modern airports also have spaces that can accommodate commercial vans but not any large trucks or buses. Commercial vehicles are usually not allowed to stay in airport parking lots overnight or even at hourly intervals due to safety concerns.

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