An overnight escapade at Golden Phoenix Manila

It’s very rare that I get the chance to go to Manila for pleasure. Most of the time, it’s work related and i would always wanted to go back home to see my kids. Here’s my review about my stay at Golden Phoenix Manila.

But last May was different, I got a chance to enjoy a few days off from my busy life and meet my long online friends.  Yes, after years of online communication, we finally got the chance to meet each other and that would be a very rare occasion that we can get together since one of them is from the US and the other is from Palawan.

Since, our meeting place would be at SM MOA, it gave me an idea to find a  place near MOA but since it’s a commercial area, I know the hotels nearby would be so expensive. Good thing, i got a discounted gc from a fellow blogger.

I’m such in a hurry when i checked in at the Golden Phoenix Hotel but it was smooth, all you need to do is to present one identification card and make a deposit. (the deposit can be cash or card but it’s refundable upon checking out)

I could not get a decent picture of the lobby because there are so many guests at that time. I have overheard that they have more than 500 guests coming, I guess they came from Iloilo since they are wearing a local government shirt.

The place looks cozy but for some security purpose as they say, you have to ride an elevator and walk for a while to ride another elevator to get to your room. It is perhaps of the fact that the building was built as a condominium style but the bellboys are polite and very accommodating.

                                                                       although the room rates is a little bit high but it does exceed my expectation

Since, i am a hurry that day to meet another friend, I was not able to inspect the room more properly but when I get back at around midnight, it was my chance to take pictures and scrutinize the place more longer.

The room is spacious and good for a couple. (I am supposed to get a deluxe twin room, like the one I saw in some bloggers review) but I guess it was fully occupied, so the staff asked me if I would just want a deluxe king room) which of course I readily agreed since it would be too lonely to sleep on a room with two beds.

The first thing I notice about the room is the simple yet very elegant set up.  The bed is made with chiropractor -approved mattresses and upon researching about this bed, i found out that chiropractic beds  is a sleep system which is created to put your body in correct postural alignment to give you a better and healthier night’s sleep and indeed, I really have a very good sleep, I get the chance to even dream of my kids.

the safe

The buffet set up comes with different breakfast choices but I opted to eat the vegetables salad since I am preparing my stomach for a full meal lunch ahead since just I have mentioned, I am meeting my friends.

diet (hehehe)

The swimming pool is located at 7th floor but I could not get a nice pic of it because it was occupied by many males at that time, it was too awkward to take pictures of the pool with them on their swimming trunks, they may even get the impression that I’m after them.

I’m posting this map for you to know the exact location.  I went there with a taxi and ooh boy, we have to asked twice for direction.

(grabbed from Golden Phoenix Hotel)

I have read that it’s 5 to 10 minutes away from SM Moa.  Because of that, I thought of walking but OMG, my feet got really tired walking on the SM’s very long sky walk. I was laughing inside and at by the time I arrive at Starbucks where I would meet my friend, I am already dying of hunger. Yes it’s around 5 to 10 minutes but that is if your in vehicle.  So, never try to walk in going to SM MOA.  (LOL with evil grin)  

don’t ever venture to walk, unless you want to burn fats. Ha ha ha.

So, I know you are eager to learn about the price, for an overnight stay with buffet breakfast and amenities. (good for 2 persons)

my view at night

Deluxe King & Deluxe Twin is priced at Php. 9,250

Suite – 15,850

but I will suggest that you booked via some online booking since they offer discounts and of course book in advance.

Will I come back?

I guess, it’s a good and decent hotel for a relaxing overnight stay for you and your family.  I would come back for sure since it has a very strategic location and the bed is so relaxing.

Disclosure:  This is not a paid review.  I paid for my own stay 🙂 

Dress for Success – story of fashion and empowerment

They say that FASHION is about more than clothing but it symbolize empowerment and confidence to face the world. Everyday, I wear different clothes and portrays a different role. I can be fierce, sweet, dainty and energetic or sometimes, i can just be a simple mom to my two kids.  Whatever clothes I wear defines who and what I am as a woman, employee, student, mother, wife, blogger and social media influencer.

“Clothes are powerful, you’re selling confidence because what you wear has the ability to tell a story about who you are.” These words are too powerful that can define you as a person and what you want to portray in life.   They say that your personality is often a strong indicator of what you wear and because our moods differs everyday, there are tendency that your fashion will vary on your daily moods.

Professor Karen J. Pine, of the University of Hertfordshire  (U.K.) writes in her very short book Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion “When we put on a piece of clothing we cannot help but adopt some of the characteristics associated with it, even if we are unaware of it.”

Finding the right clothes not just boost our confidence but give us life and meaning.  My clothes does not just affect my confidence level but also influences my day. I believe in FashionCare and most of all I don’t forget that confidence is the best of accessory in life, so I have to grasp every moment and live each day with gratitude and happiness.

Take a peek into my life and the different clothes I wear that defines who I am as a person.

I was once an ugly duckling, I have no idea on how to dress properly, fashion is never my thing in the past until one day when I decided to become a BLOGGER and social media influencer, my life change in a drastic but good way. I need to be versatile and  not just following the hottest trends in the net but I wanted to show my readers that despite our busy schedules and life, a mom like me can still be chic, fashionable and always ready to take the world at the tip of my hand.  As a blogger, you need to define your style.  It takes a lot of effort to balance your life as an employee, a mother and a wife and a social media influencer. I believe that there will always be crazy and lazy days but it doesn’t mean that you should stop taking care of yourself and look great not just on your outside but also on the inside. So, even If you wear your high heels or boots, color your nails blue or green and put on red or orange lipsticks, wear your best self.

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.’ – Karl Lagerfeld

Live the life you wanted and do the things you enjoy doing.  That is one thing I have learned in my life. Helping our environment and creating awareness on healthy living is what I believe is a part of my role, my social responsibility. I find confidence on knowing that others believe in me and follow the advocacy i chose.

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will’ – Anne Klein

 Through FASHION  and the clothes you are wearing, you are creating a big impact on promoting your advocacy.

green living advocacy, pink for life, red for children advocacy

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express the way you dress and the way you live.’ – Gianni Versace

warriors in pink (a ford cancer advocacy)-   handmade jewelry, wood watch and organic shoes

And the best clothes I LOVE THE MOST is being a WIFE and MOTHER. Being with my family forgets all my worries and help me realize the things I am willing to sacrifice and willing to give up for the sake of their happiness. With them, i don’t need to wear my stylish dress or my stilettos but I can always wear my best PASSION, being a good mother and wife and share to my children my passion for fashion.

‘Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.’ – Alexander Wang

The clothes we wear defines who we are  and each day we wear a different fashion, let us all remember to be a woman of substance and beauty and most of all with purpose, having that confidence to take on every challenge that comes our way will make our life worth living. Just like Electrolux UltimateCare Washing Machines who believes that every one has it’s own power and by believing in that, they were built not just to make your clothes clean but taking care of your clothes to last longer.

It's official! Rajo Laurel is the first-ever Electrolux FashionCare Ambassador! Catch a glimpse inside his amazing studio. #RajoxElectrolux

Posted by Electrolux on Thursday, September 7, 2017

Here’s a simple tip to boost your confidence through the way you dress 🙂

    • Dress for success, be comfortable on your body, embrace all your flaws and remove all insecurities.
    • Find the right color that compliments your own skin.  Get the right fit and cutting. Some people start from the basic colors like, black, grey, white. But you can go with bright colors and designs if you like.
    • Sunglasses, accessories are some of the things that can help boost your appearance. Get some quality pieces that goes along with your clothes.
    • Dress appropriately according to occasion.  It’s always nice to be unique but don’t forget that there are some appropriate clothes on different occasion which you needed to consider.
    • Find the clothes that will suit your personality and always go out from your house with a positive mind and most of all give your best on everything you do.
    • Be align with your fashion.  They say that what you wear represents your personality.  So, make sure you are sending your true intentions.

And now, i am ending my post by sharing you my favorite quotation from my favorite actress.

  • The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows and the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.’ – Audrey Hepburn

    Be congruent, be authentic, be your true self.

    lots of love 🙂  melandria

Bagasbas Light House Resort and Catherine’s at Daet

bagasbas light house

Here’s  part II of my Daet Escapade. This time, let me introduce you Catherine’s Restaurant which you can found on the famous Bagasbas Light House.  If you happen to travel to Daet, Bagasbas Beach is one of their famous travel destination especially those who love to surf because the waves here are to die for. Yes, gigantic waves that surfers loves best but don’t try death defying stunts especially if your only a beginner.

bagasbas, daet

Don’t let your eyes deceive you.  It looks calming but there are days that the waves is too big to handle.

bagasbas light house hotel

Bagasbas Light House offers accommodation from backpackers room to deluxe room raging from Php. 550.00 ($15) to Php. 2,750.00 ($27) per night which is reasonable enough.

catherines daet

Getting back to Catherine’s, the restaurant serves different Filipino dishes and the serving is good and reasonable for its price. They also  offer fresh seafood and fishes caught from the sea.

catherines daet

I did not asked for their specialty but you can choose from different dishes on their menu.  We tried this one which I think is a santol dish cooked in coconut milk, a typical Bicol dish you can found in the province but their version is really yummy.


I know, we are supposed to try their sea food dishes but i have been having allergy with sea food lately.

foods, lots of foods

Walking around will lead you to the hotel rooms and souvenir shops which offers different local souvenir items and pieces that you can take home to remember your stay on this place.

bagasbas light house

The place is so cozy that you will definitely enjoy a relaxing view of nature and yes, there is a playground too for the little ones and young at heart.


You can check more about Bagasbas Light House and Catherine’s Restaurant here.

Home Renovation Project

Changing anything in your home can be a difficult process. Not only do you have to decide exactly what you want, you also have to ensure that everything fits into your budget. This means browsing through contractors and selecting different materials. If there is something very specific that you want done, this can be a difficult task. Use this quick guide to help you learn how you can save money on your upcoming project, allowing you to renovate your home as you see fit.

Get Home Renovation Quotes Online
The Internet has made it possible to comparison shop at a much faster rate. While a contractor may still want to speak with you directly before giving you a quote, you can save a lot of time by inquiring about projects online. Some websites will even allow you to submit your query to multiple contractors at the same time, saving you hours of work.

Research Your Materials
Before you make a final decision on any materials used, do research on them. For example, many homeowners dream of having high-quality granite kitchen counter tops, but they don’t realize that they require a lot of ongoing maintenance work. This often leads them to think of more practical materials to use, such as wood or concrete. They may even consider plastic or tile countertops, as these can provide a similar appearance, but require less work. As a bonus, these low-maintenance materials often cost less. Never be afraid to research, ask questions and make substitutions.

Shop with Local Contractors
If you want to save money on a home renovation project, you need to keep things local. Contractors that live within your area often know the best ways to save money on materials or labor. They are also more likely to offer you a deal, rather than a major corporation that only offers a set price.

Get the help you need with your next renovation project by hiring a local contractor. Click for a free quote so you can save time researching project costs. When you follow these simple home renovation tips, you can easily get the work you want done.

Beautiful Summer House

Since were talking about summer and it’s beauty.   I thought it would be extra nice to share with you my latest finds;

Most beautiful homes in the world

If your living in the city, it’s always a delight to go to the province and visit your relatives and stay near the beaches or green fields.  For rich people, they always have a summer house to stay during the summer season,  it’s a chance to enjoy green views after your busy days in the city.  A country side house with the lush green trees are just perfect location to enjoy your summer this year.

It’s something I have been dreaming for quite a long time. It’s relaxing to just enjoy the summer near the beach or the sea side especially if you have your kids around you. What better way to enjoy summer to enjoy a special day in the beach.  You can check out different website to learn more about this beautiful homes.

Rhythm in my Life

There are days that our life feels sour and we don’t want to do anything and sometimes we feel so alive that we just want to dance and sing out loud.  It’s part of the rhythm of our life.  Ovation can comfort us on times of loneliness, with just a strum and some hum , it can enlighten a moody day and turn into bright one.

If things goes wrong, remember that this is just a part of our life, just like some melody of a song. It maybe lonely and sad today but who knows tomorrow, it will be jolly and gay.

There are days that I am full of energy but days that I just want to sleep in bed and become lazy for the day. I know that life is not just about working and pursuing your dream, you can always stop and live your life one day at a time to avoid rushing through something and forgetting to live every moment.

Live a fruitful life and play with the rhythm. Let us enjoy life little surprises and who knows someday, we will be able to fulfill that long time dream, with hard work and perseverance.

Working on your Dream Job

Before we enter our college or university,  there is a certain vision in our mind on what we would wanted to become when we graduated.  It’s always end up on the thought that we would like to work on our dream job after graduation.

My brother loves to be an architect, that’s why after his graduation, i thought it would be a perfect gift to give him a  leather briefcase for men to fill his things but when i have learned that he will be working on a different field aside from what he have wanted ever since he was a child,  i was really  devastated and shocked but i guess, this circumstances doesn’t happen to few people but with many graduates here and abroad.

Architects as well as engineers are one of the best in the fields and often the dream job of most students along side with doctors and lawyers. But then there are jobs who offers great possibilities and benefits like talking to people and clients and helping them experience the beauty of life and satisfy their luxurious desires.  PPA Properties is great for those who wanted to explore their talent on engaging and dealing with people.  Since, you offer properties to rent, you get the chance to talk with people and make them happy.

There was a time that I wanted to work on real estate but then, i guess i’m not that talented or somehow lacking that i decided that it’s not  a career i should be heading.

Working on our dream job doesn’t happen all the time so i guess we have to be flexible so we can able to be happy with what job we currently have now.

When sorry is not enough

Each of us might have received spanking or verbal abuse in our life and we don’t want to reminisce that time in our life but being a battered woman is a different story.

Sometimes, i would ask myself how do abusive person becomes abusive?  I am trying to recover from the past events of my life.  My father becomes alcoholic and there were days and nights that he was a drunken rageaholic and the helpless me could not do anything about it and i will just sink in to a dream.  There was a time, that i could not bear the beating that i have to leave home and live with my grand mother but, i have to rush coming home with a threat that our house would be burned into ashes.

There were times that i just let the evening pass at the Baclaran Church or stay a night or two with my friend’s house.   Sometimes, i would ask myself why i have to stay in an abusive life and realize that i have little choices and i have to bear.

They say people become abusive because of some genetics, emotional or even physical child abuse.  An abuser becomes one because he might have experienced abused in his life or perhaps another reason is that he had received so much attention and becomes spoiled.  Studies shows that men believes that they are superior and they think that it is their right, and entitlement to  abuse or control the woman.

My father’s mother is strict yet she spoiled him and he had a miserable marriage that he will always blame me the reasons of why his life was ruined.  For a little girl, learning that fact is somehow trivial and for blaming me with his life is somehow very unreasonable.

I thought that physical abused like holding a knife to to you, spanking you with a stick broom, a wood, banging your head on a post, slapping your face, humiliate you in front of others, hollering in front of strangers can just be found in a movie or television scene but it does happen in real life and that’s a sad reality.

After some realization, he will say sorry and a promise that it will never happened again but this is just an act that never happened until one day, i find a way to be out on his life for good.  I could not say that i married young because i have been able to fulfill my promise on the death bed of my grand mother that i will finish my study.  After graduation, i decided that i will definitely leave my father for good so i would never receive the emotional and physical abuse that i have suffered for years.

They say that physiological abuse is more damaging than physical abuse and when love becomes a traumatic experiences. When i remember the sad days of my life, i cry and becomes angry with my father but then i felt alone again and wish he was still alive so i can have someone to talk with.

I have been into great depression and emotional turmoil in my life that comes into suicidal attempt and when i thought i was over it, reality comes back and i have to face it all again.

How can you know if someone have changed when he still blames you for an abusive act and when someone convinces that it was really you that was crazy afterall. Now, you would ask yourself that things bound to happen because you let it and you have come into realization that part of your life is not yet over and you have to bear with it all over again.

They say that when you suffered abused in your life, there is a tendency that you will abuse your children in the future.  I do hope that this will not happen because i am just continuing the chain but what can i do if i am not the one whose bringing the pain .  When would i realize that i have the will and power to stop it.

Living in drastic times

Thinking of the past days me realize how tiring it has been.  Juggling with family duties and working in the morning and keeping updates with my blogs on the evening. Sometimes, I wish i have a different life, living in drastic times, something less stressful and easy but for people like me should need to strive hard to achieve the dreams that I have for my own and my family.

Life is not as easy as others look at it.  It needs courage, perseverance and lots of patience but then I always wish that i could even have a psychics mind to at least be ready on whatever the day could give me or somewhat I can have a heart to shield me on heartaches and painful situation but then I’m not born that way and if i could have that power to know the future, things would change in my life too but it’s also a burden that I need to carry because the pressure could be different.

And i don’t even know if i could handle such great responsibility because knowing what will happen , i would always have the heart to help others to prevent such bad circumstances and it would probably change the course of destiny and that i guess would be something big to handle again.

So, i guess i have to stop dreaming and live in reality and make the best out of what i have now.

Sunday Service

I remember the times when I used to join a congregation back then in Manila, it was a nice place, with lots of chapel chairs, lovely and nice people and lots of praising and singing. sunday service is good for everyone to renew your faith.

 My grand mother is a catholic and I’m studying on an all girls catholic school, so just imagine her anger when she learned that I was going on a different sunday service beside the church we used to go to each sunday.

But because she loves me and she sees that I’m doing well and helping those little children to learn the Good word, she open her heart and understand me dearly.


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