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If there is one thing that I am so obsessed, definitely it’s drinking coffee. I love coffee so much that i can’t last a day without drinking a cup. Here’s a new find for all coffee lovers like me out there.  I have come to know about Owl Coffee when i have won this set on a fellow bloggers online contest.  The name itself is so interesting that I told myself it’s really nice to try it.

Surprisingly, Owl coffee was established way back 1950’s and based on Singapore and now boasts for being the leader on their field, now, i wonder why i only learned about this coffee just now when the taste is definitely something every coffee lover would obsessed for.

Here’s something to know for first time Owl drinker like me;

The Straits Asian region weaves from Penang through the Straits of Malacca and down to Java – cultural crossroads that influence and create eclectic mix coffee drinking language and rituals.

OWL has created profile system to make sure you pick the blend that suits you perfectly.

Sweet: A good choice for those who are new to coffee drinking. Full- bodied and free of harshness, sweet coffee is easy on the palette – making it a delightful finish to a heavy meal or even as a substitute for dessert.

Strong: Strength in coffee flavour is something that would appeal to long-time coffee drinkers. Characterized by a dark tone and slightly bitter aftertaste, strong coffee is often enjoyed with warm toast at the start of a day.

Milky: The addition of milk to coffee brings out a rich full body and mild flavour. Milky coffee is the perfect accompaniment for the sweet biscuits and pastries taken during tea breaks. source:  owl.com.sg


Tried this Owl roast milky coffee and it was really delicious.  This is for those who prefer coffee with less sugar. The coffee tea version is also something to try.  I love how foamy it is when you stir it for several times.


These are just two of the many flavors Owl coffee offers. You can get this on leading supermarket and malls.  Now, i’m procaffeinating.

source, Owl Coffee Philippines 

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