Best Gifts for Women this Valentine’s Day

The scent of romance is lingering in the air as Valentine’s Day draws near. This is the time of the year where men get the chance to make an extra effort to make the day extra special for the women in their lives. Giving the gift of love to his partner, daughter, mother or grandparent becomes extra special because it is often accompanied with flowers and chocolates.  Below are some best gifts for women this valentine’s day.

To go against the trends and free yourself from the predictable flowers and chocolates duo for your Valentine’s Day gift for your lady love, you can opt for some extra special gift ideas to go with the flowers or even without them.

A Classic Perfume

Most women love perfumes, so this is a really nice gift you can offer for this special day. You can either pick a scent that she really loves or a scent that you would want her to have.

Sexy Lingerie

A lot of women, whether they admit it or not, loves sexy and unique undergarments. You can treat her to a day at a mall to pick one of her choice or you can either do the choosing for her. Either way around, she will feel more connected with you when you do so.


It can be a necklace, a bracelet, a ring or an earring. Women love the dazzling effect of jewelries. Worried about breaking your budget? There are actually a lot of nice jewelries in the market that is not as expensive as you thought they were.  Check out for example this nice bracelet with different charms from Soufeel. It features different charms that every woman would love to have.


For example, if she is interested in travelling, you can choose vacation and travel charms, there are birthstones and family charms too that are indeed very affordable. This coming valentines day, they are also offering huge discounts and free surprising gift upon ordering.  Delivery is very fast, so your orders will be on time for this valentine.

soufeel bracelets

A Little Black Dress with Dinner

If you think the above thoughts is not yet enough to make her happy, you can surprise her by leaving a nice little black dress for her to wear for your Valentine’s Day dinner. Expect her to dress up more eloquently during this occasion and watch her giggle in delight as you enjoy a sumptuous dinner on your favorite restaurant.

Your Valentine’s Day will definitely be fun and a moment to remember if you’ll invest time, quality time, even without the gifts at tow, with your special someone during this special day after all your love is the best gift you can give her.

The shoe lover : The Brave Side of Me

When I was a child, I always admire woman who wore jeans with a matching boots. I visualize them to be a career woman, strong, ready to face anything and a beautiful fashionista.  I remember that i used to own only three shoes from grade 3 to my first year in high school , two are hand me down and the other one is a gift from my father because he couldn’t bear my whining and crying. LOL.

My grandmother is the one who took care of me and we live very modest enough to think about buying me a new shoes especially a pair of boots. But I told myself that someday I would buy one when i am already earning my own money.

It takes years for me to fulfill my dream because i need to sent myself to college and finish studies so i can have a decent job to support my daily needs and a nice boots is the very least of my priorities then. I must admit, i’m a shoe lover and who doesn’t love them?

I remember the time that i bought my first pair of boots from Rusty Lopez and it was followed by another one and another one and they become seven in all. I remember a friend who loves rubber shoes and another one who likes pointed shoes and they would laugh at me when i said that i love boots.

Up to this date, i still love boots, i felt i am a different person when I’m wearing one. A person who holds her dreams on her hand, stronger and more braver than before.  Someone that knows what she wanted in life.

Naturally, i don’t wear them outside my jeans, yes, i don’t want walking in the street gathering some attention from other people,  but for this picture, i wanted to look different and just for once, i can look like a model, the one i used to see in the magazines when I am still young.

Fashion Obsession : Memorata by CLN

memorata by CLN


You can’t deny it,  girls except from diamonds and pearls loves shoes and bags.  One brands that I have known for so long and loved is CLN,  they used to be called CELINE but I guess for some reason, they have changed their name probably because of another celine brand I used to see in the net or maybe for another reason.

But the obvious fact is that their product is something every girl would definitely love to have. Their different collection of shoes from wedges, sandals, flats and high heels are lovable but I wouldn’t say that there are all comfortable because i have owned some of their shoes that makes my feet aches but this doesn’t mean that I would stop patronizing their product since it’s just a few minor incidents.

Their bags are made of quality products and don’t forget about affordability.  It ranges to medium and high end thus even the minimum wager can afford to own one of their collection.

Memorata by CLN was first introduce on the tele-serye of Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador’s “Ina, Anak, Kapatid aired in ABS-CBN sometime in the year 2013.  The show was a success as well as the marketing strategy of CLN to sponsor the show eventually helps them to gain more consumer and costumer and memorata by cln becomes a household favorite at that time.

Whatever occasion you may be attending, you can always pick something from their collection that would match your dress/apparel.

My Stylish Obsession Birthday Blowout

Could you imagine, another year had passed and here I am ready to face another year with full of hope and faith  and that somehow this year would be a fruitful one.

I have been blessed in so many ways, not just with my family but with my work and friends as well with my blogs who becomes a big source of to help our finances.  Although, i’m not earning that much in blogging just enough to cover my electric and some monthly dues.  I was lucky to have sponsors so i don’t have to buy my apparel, bags and shoes and even for me hubby and the kids.

So, in my birthday, i am returning back the blessings I have been receiving by hosting this Birthday giveaway.  Although, this is not much, i am sure that the winner will feel happy to receive such goodies.

Again, thank you so much for the time and effort you put through on reading my entries and i am looking forward to see more often.

 Accomplish the required tasks to validate your entry, the rest are optional but the more you complete, the more points you will gain and the more chances of winning.

So, what’s in store for the winner?

There are three types of prizes, but only two winners.  So, don’t be confused. One will be coming from me and the other two from my dearest blogger friends who have spare their time and effort and generously sponsor on my giveaway.  These prizes will be coming directly from them.

Diva Fabulosa –  Mum Writes – Fitness Fashion & Freebies

After submitting your entry, leave me a comment on this post, a greetings or ideas you wish to read on this fresh obsession site,  so I will know that you also joined.


Elf 32 pieces eyeshadow Palette ,

Aveeno Lotion,

2 packs Digestics, Fiber


Mosquito lotion for kids


Romwe Crochet White Shirt

1 Colour Collection Lipstick

1 Victoria Secret Lotion

2 Ever Bilena Lipsticks

1 Pink Pouch from Coupon Cuddy
a Rafflecopter giveaway

It is not necessary to do all the requirements but if you do so, you will earn additional points and a great chance of winning.  Giveaway runs from February 25 to March 9, 2014.  Philippine time. 


Disclaimer:  This giveaway is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above.  2 winners will be picked randomly via rafflecopter and has 48 hours to respond on email notification otherwise a new winner will be picked.  No purchase required and shipping will be shouldered by the organizer of this giveaway.  Philippine residents only – 18 above.  e-mail me for further inquiries,  mystylishobsession at gmail dot com.

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