Clio Water Kill Founwear Cushion Review

This post has been long overdue and honestly, I have already finished the first cushion and I am already using the extra cushion that comes along with the box. I think it is just proper to publish my review before I run out of stock. Being a korean drama addicts, i have learned about their best beauty secrets of korean celebrities and even though I cannot practice them all, i have a better view on what is good for your skin.

Since the hype of korean cushions, many korean brands and manufacturers are releasing their own version of cushion and I have learned about this product since my fave korean actress Gong Hyo Jin is their newest endorser after Sandara Park or Dara   I have watched a majority of drama of Hyon Jin and i have seen her using this product in most of her drama so the curiosity grows a lot inside me.

This brand is not easy to find in our place and yes, there is still no local beauty shops that carry this brand but if you are a follower of korean skincare and makeup cult, you probably have heard about it and been wanting to have one.  There are several reviews of their cushion but not this particular version.

EDITED Update:  Club Clio can now be found in the Philippines.  Their flagship store can be found at Trinoma, Quezon city,.  I do hope they will soon have a store near the Malate area. 

The Clio Professional Water Kill Founwear Cushion is easy to use just like the other cushion brand in the market, it has a air puff and a protective covering before it reveals the bb cream itself but unlike with the other cushion I have used, the air puff  does not last for long.

They have four shades to choose from, Lingerie, Linen, and Ginger .  I have tried the ginger based on my seller suggestion since I have been using no. 23 on other cushions. It’s a more of foundation and bb cream in one and it does not oxide into your skin which means it will last long, which I have hope for.

Looking at this, you may get the feeling that it was near my skin tone but when I applied it on my face, it was really way more lighter than my original skin color which is a little bit distracting at first. I thought it must just be the lighting or the angle where i took the shot but my daughter told me that my face is really whiter than my usual color but you cannot deny the fact  that it has a good coverage since it covers the dark areas in my face especially my dark under eye.

I guess you need to put little amount at first until such time you know the right build up to put on your face. The second time i used the cushion, the result is no longer as whiter as this.


This cushion is good for people with normal and combination skin but not too dry nor to oily since it has a dewy finish, it’s good to use a good face powder to set the look. The refill has its own spare sponge which I think is their solution with previous review that the old version has no sponge on it.  It has a nice packaging and sturdy compact, my son accidentally played with it and it fell but unexpectedly it does not broke that easily. It has no distinct smell and it stays for a long period of time, (like five to six hours) for my part. Since, I have oily skin, it tend to look a little bit shiny that’s why the need for a good powder to fix the problem.

You can buy this on online store but I got mine through a trusted seller in facebook, if you want to know more about her, just leave a message and I will add you on her group where she sell lots of korean skin care and cosmetics that you will truly love.  Checked this out from and it cost $50.00.  A little bit pricey but one cushion last for a month for me and I have used it daily except weekends.

There’s something about Liza (Soberano)

If your an avid “Kapamilya” viewer, there is 90% chance that you know Liza Soberano and have watched some of her romcom dramas but if your not , there is a 80% chance that you will still know her, since she’s been trending all over the net for the past few days because of her “Hollywood” carpet look style at the recent Star Magic Ball were she get to win the Best Dressed Award.

She’s the most IT girl now in the television ( beautiful, stylish young woman who possesses sex appeal without flaunting her sexuality). Her beauty is just so refreshing and very mesmerizing too.

liza soberano

Born Hope Elizabeth Soberano or simply Liza, this 18 years old Filipina actress is making waves not just in television and movies but she’s also an endorser of some company, I have read that the most recent one is Maybelline.

Last year, she graced the Star Magic Ball with a pink long gown also from Michael Cinco, although she did not win the best dressed award  at that time, her gown was the talk of the town for days.  I even remember chatting with my friends that If there’s a chance to renew our wedding bells, it would be heaven to wear a breathtaking gown like this.

liza soberano 2015 Star Magic Ball

Now, she nailed it again. She looks really regal and elegant on this silver gown she co-designed with Michael Cinco. It was a very effortless look and the make up and hair compliments the overall look since the gown is already too powerful.

liza soberano at star magic ball 2016

Michael Cinco is well known for elegant and beautiful gowns and I’m following his facebook page since it is like floating on airs while looking at those gorgeous creations of wedding and couture gowns.

This lady will definitely reach great heights on her career.  She has still many years ahead of her and she needs to grab that opportunity of stardom.

(pictures taken from the net)

College Fashion Returns this School Year 2016

Back to school fashion is on. In a few months, college life begins once again and so is college fashion.

What’s great about college fashion is that you get to experiment and express yourselves a lot in the clothes that you were and the shades that you choose for your outfit.

Simplicity at its best

Some college students prefer the casual t-shirt and jeans ensemble. It’s easy to pull off and laundry is also easier especially if you are just starting out to learn the loops of independently living away from your parents.  I’m loving the latest collection of Bench at ZALORA” . Bench latest collection is just perfect for this. You can be stylish, simple and practical with the jeans and shirts currently featured by the brand.

Sleek and stylish

Some college students on the other hand prefer heels and boots over sneakers. Just be sure to check out the current dress code policy in your school to avoid getting into trouble. You can still remain stylish yet comfortable at school. Wear wedges instead of heels if you still want to look tall and lean to avoid hassles when travelling especially with public transportation. Boots on the other hand are great options especially during the rainy season. It can also double up as your adventure and trekking gears, especially for college students who loves mountaineering.

Formal and proper

Others on the other hand would rather go to school wearing formal clothes to school. This can be a blouse and shirt combo for women and polo and slacks for men. This is also a nice period to start wearing this kind of combination confidently especially if the line of work you dream of entering after college requires such.

At the end of the day, it all goes down to what you love wearing, what’s comfortable and what’s make you confident. Be your own person and enjoy college life while looking and dressing great.

3 Easy Steps to Apply Lipstick for Busy Moms

For a busy working mom who needs to take the kids to school before going to work, time is very essential and let’s face it, that extra 10 minutes for applying make-up is sometimes hard to squeeze in our daily routine.  Honestly, i can leave the house without any foundation or even a face powder and even without an eyeliner but never could I leave without any lipstick. Do you have that feeling that something is missing and your incomplete? That’s the feeling I have when i don’t have lipstick before going out.

One of the basic necessity every woman should have in their cosmetic bag is lipsticks. With lipsticks, there is no wrong or right shade but it can be a tedious task to find that perfect color for your lips since it would involve time and money to get what you think is best for you.  Experts even says that choosing the best lip color for you depends on your skin tone, shape of lips and even your mouth.

There are many lipsticks shade that you can choose, from nudes to pinks, reds and you can even get adventurous and try the orange, corals, browns and even plums for a more daring look.

lipstick image

Although there are different shade of lipsticks,application can be as easy as this 3 steps. Here’s a basic lipstick application for busy moms like me.

1. First, you can define your lips by using a lighter or deeper shade of lip liner.

2.  If you don’t have a lip brush, you can apply the lipstick directly to your lips.  (make a pout to cover all your lips)

3. Clean the excess lipstick using a q-tips.

And you are ready to go on your daily appointments. How about you, do you have a trick on applying your favorite lipsticks? Share them with me on the comment section and let’s spread some kissable experience.

Nature inspired wedding – Green Wedding Theme

Emerald is the color of the year.  A color I truly believe in and indeed one of the beautiful colors for wedding motif.

I think, it is just right to showcase some ideas about green weddings, after all it’s the same motif we had in our wedding.   You can begin with the color of your brides maid and secondary sponsor, flowers, cakes,giveaway, freebies for your guests, think wildly and you can create a beautiful wedding full of the things you love.

Just as they say, let us paint the world with green, help the awareness in living a greener life.  Why not start with your own wedding,  If your planning to wed on a church, you can choose a venue with a feeling of nature, like a farm, a vine yard, a theme park  or if your on the metro, you can easily incorporate ideas in your reception.

I so love this idea, it was really brilliant and create a very artistic way.  If you have the money to spend,  why not create something like this.

Let your bridesmaid feel the spirit of nature,  gowns like this can make them stunning but remember, don’t over do it. Give your table some freshness and feel of nature with real plants and dainty flowers.

Even if your in dazzling white or cream wedding dress, you can wear green accessories plus the bright green flower bouquet or wear a shoes as dainty as this.

I always love cakes and this is one part of a wedding that guests are been looking forward.  Some wedding cakes are high as the ceiling but even if you have the smallest cake, it’s fine as long as  it is what you like.

Wow your guests with this cute little boxes filled with  green goodies  If only i have seen this before, i would definitely create one for our wedding.

image (squidoo)

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